Residential Waste and Trash Pickup Services

Value Waste Services offers residential waste pickup and recycling services for residents of the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro Area. We provide a 96-gallon wheeled cart for once-a-week trash pickup and every-other-week recycling collection. We also offer bulk trash pickup on an on-call basis for any large items, such as furniture, and for any debris that does not fit into the supplied carts. We deliver consistent, on-time trash collection with environmentally responsible recycling and disposal.


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  • For Individual Residents
  • We are reliable, responsible, and responsive. We understand how our service affects your quality of life. We offer fast, friendly, professional curbside waste pickup in a timely and efficient manner. We are a locally owned and operated which means we are available when you need us.

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  • For HOAs and Neighborhoods
  • We serve neighborhoods and residential developments throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro Area. If you are a representative of a developer or HOA in need of professional and reliable waste removal and recycling services, contact us today for preferential pricing.

    Partner with us to keep your neighborhoods trash-free and environmentally responsible!


Environmentally Responsible Recycling Programs

Value Waste Services works with the local MRF facilities to recycle your household goods. These operators accept and sort a variety of materials for recycling including aluminum, cardboard, newsprint, plastics (bottles, jugs, and jars – #1 and #7), and other materials. We deliver the materials in accordance with their sorting and collection guidelines. For the most up-to-date collection requirements, please see your county’s website.

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We Are Environmentally Responsible

We work with local solid waste landfill operators to deliver your waste the way the need it.

We Are Reliable

Our trucks are always rolling, picking up in neighborhoods just like yours.

We Are Locally Owned

We are a locally owned and operated company, which means prompt and responsive service, when you need it.

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